• Simplify
    Mike Plume

  • Simplify - Mike Plume

    Produced by Mike Plume and Jamie Kidd

    Recorded and mixed on May 12th and 13th, 1997 at Beta Sound Recorders in Edmonton, Alberta.

    Mike Plume- guitar and vocals.
    Ernie Basiliadis- drums
    Derek Mazurek- bass guitar and mandolin
    Dave Klym- guitar

    Trish Wight sang harmony on "The Back Of My Hand".

    Bonus Tracks were recorded in July of 1996 at Wolf Willow Studio in Edmonton by Ian Armstrong.

    All songs written by Mike Plume SOCAN/ASCAP

    After the “Song And Dance, Man” sessions we had two days of studio time left over. Somehow we came up with the idea that we could record another album in two days. One day to record and one day to mix. The guys had never heard the songs before. Tape rolled at noon on May 12, 1997.
    We set up in a circle and with pot after pot of coffee and a carton of cigarettes and we recorded the album live off the floor. “The Back Of My Hand” was written during the “Northern Town” sessions back in ’93 in Dallas. The rest of the record was written as the “Song And Dance, Man” album was being written.  It seemed that every third song I wrote for “Song And Dance, Man” seemed to have more of a folk vibe.
    Depending on my mood this is my favourite.
    So there you go.
    Mike Plume

  • Tracklist

    01. Greetings - 01:05
    02. Straight Back Home - 03:23
    03. The Back of My Hand - 03:31
    04. A Buck and a Half's Profit - 03:07
    05. Probably Me - 02:40
    06. I Just Don't Get It - 03:58
    07. Inbreeders Lament - 01:41
    08. The Graveyard Shift - 03:26
    09. Every Day Is Another Day - 02:53
    10. Another Train Song - 04:00
    11. Wondering Why I'm Here - 04:06
    12. We're Still Here - 02:42
    13. The Big American Headliner - 02:52