• Songs From A Northern Town
    Mike Plume

  • Songs From A Northern Town - Mike Plume

    Recorded at Sumet Studios in Dallas Texas.
    April through May of 1993.
    Released in November of 1993
    Produced by Philip Barrett, Gene Eckhart and Mike Plume

    Mike Plume: guitar and vocals
    Gene Eckhart: piano, B3, Fender Rhodes and other assorted keyboards
    Will Arisman: bass guitar, saxophone and backing vocals
    Mark Hershon: drums
    Steve McAuliff: guitars
    Earle Clark: pedal steel and dobro
    Paul Harrington: harmonica
    Trish Wight: backing vocals
    Linda Bishop Stoll: backing vocals
    Jomal Mohamed: percussion

    Cover photo by Pierrette Plume

    With the exception of the song “Something Or Someone To Hold” (written in December '88) and the song “Eldorado and the 12:15″ (written in February 93), the bulk of these songs were written in 1991 and 1992.
    But hey, you gotta start somewhere and this was my starting point.
    I can hear the excitement in my voice when I listen to it now.
    If I could talk to that guy today, oh the things I’d tell him.
    The first thing I’d say would be, “Take it easy, buddy, you’re not working on a cancer cure. Don’t take it so serious.”.
    Another thing I’d say would be...
    “It’s gonna be a longer road than you could ever imagine…”

    Mike Plume

  • Tracklist

    01. Ain't That the Truth - 03:30
    02. Has Anyone Seen Benny? - 03:19
    03. The Eldorado and the 12:15 - 04:10
    04. Crazy After All - 05:01
    05. A Million Miles Away - 03:47
    06. Something or Someone to Hold - 04:52
    07. Kept on Dancin' - 03:29
    08. The Rebound - 04:02
    09. Everything's Alright - 03:53
    10. Eyes like Roadmaps - 04:03
    11. Daisy's Dream - 03:08