• Steel Belted Radio
    Mike Plume

  • Steel Belted Radio - Mike Plume

    Recorded by Ron Chenier in November of 1998 at Plumb Studios in Edmonton, Alberta.
    Additional recording by Phil Anderson in July of 2000 at PowerSound Studio in Edmonton, Alberta.
    Released in August of 2000

    Produced by Mike Plume

    Mike Plume- guitars, mandolin, harmonica and vocals
    Dave Klym- guitars and vocals
    Derek Mazurek- bass guitar
    Ernie Basiliadis- drums
    Meck Myers- vocals
    Chris Plume- vocals

    All songs written by Mike Plume - Bash Music (ASCAP)/Plume Ink (SOCAN)

    In November of ’98, we went in the studio to record some new songs that I’d been working on. “Song And Dance, Man” had been out for about a year by that point and I'd figured that it was about time to start planning for a new album, or so I thought.

    As luck would have it the “Song And Dance, Man” tour ended up running over 3 years and just under 800 shows. Somehow time got away from us and the next thing I knew it was mid 2000 and it had been 3 years since our last album. I had all the songs from the “Steel Belted” sessions in ’98 and the song “Steel Belted Radio” itself had turned into a fan favourite at shows though it wasn’t even available on disc yet. The problem was that over the preceding year and a half I had written another album's worth of new songs. Needless to say but the songs from the "Steel Belted" sessions started to take a backseat. I couldn’t imagine putting the songs from the “Steel Belted Radiio” recordings on the new album.

    They just didn’t have the same “Je ne sais quoi”. But at the same time, I didn’t want to let those songs from 1998 songs die on the vine.
    So I decided to go in the studio and finish up or “polish up” what we’d started back in November of ’98. The album was released in August of 2000. 3 years to the day after "Song And Dance, Man" was released. It would be another 13 months before our next full length album would see the light of day.

    Mike Plume

  • Tracklist

    01. Sound Check Song - 02:42
    02. Born so Long Ago - 04:37
    03. We Chase the Sun - 02:50
    04. Maybe L.A. - 04:53
    05. Steel Belted Radio - 04:22