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  • Todd Stewart Solo Release

    November 23, 2017
    Todd Stewart Solo Release

    “I had some stuff I wanted to record,” Stewart attests, but he didn’t wanted to keep it small, and not necessarily get everyone involved who play an integral part in the Northern Beauties. “Bands are like marriages,” in that you love everyone involved, but it also develops a pattern [...]

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    Jay Gilday - Vue Weekly

    September 23, 2017
    Jay Gilday - Vue Weekly

    Local folk-rock artist Jay Gilday’s time in the limelight has been long overdue … until now Stay in choir, kids Listening to Jay Gilday’s track “Battlefield” off the 2016 release Faster than Light is like walking through a house party. An acoustic player at the door leads the track; [...]

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    The Dead South: More Than Just Good Company

    The Dead South may be a mix between folk and bluegrass, but their ambition is more comparable to a punk band trying to make a name for themselves. Their aptitude for delivering a traditional roots sound with the energy and enthusiasm of a group of young upstarts has gained The Death South a massive [...]

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